Good Walk is based on the findings of several different studies in to happiness. Its a simple idea but it really works. Learn more about how to go for a Good Walk and the details behind the idea.


The first step of a Good Walk is going outside and taking a walk. Walking outside provides fresh air, sunshine and exercise - all proven to make people happier. What's more, walking is an activity that almost anyone can do without having to buy any equipment or take any classes.

In addition to cultivating happiness, walking has many health benefits including reducing the chance of a stroke by 30%, reducing the chances of diabetes by 29% and cutting the risk of obesity by 50%.

A 20 minute walk is enough to give the benefits of a Good Walk and should be short enough to fit in to a busy day. 

In summary, the combination of sunlight and exercise when going for a walk outside will make you feel happier.


The next part of a Good Walk is to have a companion on your walk. Spending time with other people and maintaining good relationships has been shown to increase happiness.

In short, the benefits of a Good Walk are amplified by taking it with someone else.


The final element of a Good Walk is to talk about "good things" as you walk. Talking about good things has been linked to increased happiness. Make a point to only discuss about good, positive, topics on your Good Walk. Talk about something that made you smile. Talk about something you are grateful for. Talk about something you are looking forward to. Save moaning, complaining, whining or anything negative for another time. 

The following questions will help stimulate "good talk" on your Good Walk. 

• "What is something that made you smile?"

• "What are you grateful for?"

• "What are you looking forward to?"

If you have kids on your Good Walk get them to tell you: "I had fun when…," "I am glad that…" and "I am excited about…"

In conclusion, talking about "good things" will help make you happier.


A Good Walk is a simple idea that really can help you cultivate happiness in your life. It’s as easy as going for a good walk, with good people and discussing good things. In summary go for a Good Walk, with good people and talk about good things. It's that simple.

Try and take a Good Walk every day. If the weather isn’t conducive to walking outside, then walk inside with someone and talk about good things. If your schedule doesn’t align with a companion then go for a walk by yourself and think good thoughts to yourself. If you have a dog, take them for a Good Walk, research shows people with pets are generally happier. 

The benefits of a Good Walk can be felt in just 10 minutes, so lack of time should never be an excuse. A good walk is good for building team cohesiveness, it's a good way to spend quality family time, it's a good activity to do with your partner and it's a good way to turn a bad day around. Put it on the calendar. Invite a friend. Set a reminder on your phone. Post an open invite on social media for your friends. Do it at lunchtime or after dinner every day.. It’s worth the effort, a Good Walk really will make you happier.

Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a Good Walk.