"Be Happy. Go For A Good Walk."

A Good Walk is a simple idea that anyone can use to cultivate happiness. It doesn’t require any special equipment, it doesn’t cost anything to do, and it is based on scientific research. This site explains everything you need to know about a Good Walk and how you can start going for a Good Walk yourself!

Multiple studies have shown that happy people exercise regularly, they get fresh air and sunshine regularly, they cultivate good relationships, they smile, and they express gratitude frequently.

A Good Walk is a simple as going for a good walk, with good people and talking about good things. The benefits of a Good Walk can be felt in just 10 minutes. A Good Walk is good for building team cohesiveness, it's a good way to spend quality family time, it's a good activity to do with your partner and it's a really good way to turn a bad day around. 


You can learn about the science behind a Good Walk and the three questions that encourage good talk here.

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Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a Good Walk.