Good Walk is the brainchild of Barney Matthews. I have been interested in happiness and positive psychology for many years. A few years ago I was doing some research for a blog post I was writing about scientifically proven ways to be happier. After publishing the blog post I had a moment of inspiration! I realized it is possible to combine several of the items on my list in to a simple activity that could cultivate happiness. Thus the idea of a Good Walk was born.

My hope is that this simple idea will help you be happier. If it does, please share it with other people. You can also follow Good Walk on Facebook. You can also send me a message on Facebook. If you would like to show your appreciation you can buy me a cookie.

Barney Matthews - January 2016

Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a Good Walk.